Top 16 Best Sunglasses For Men 2020

Even if you’re still figuring out the rest of your summer style essentials, there’s no question that you need one of the best  sunglasses for men  to shield your eyes from the sun
A fantastic set of sunglasses is undoubtedly the main fashion investment to create this summer. On all events, this season, the ideal pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes from damaging UV rays, but also provide your outfit that extra increase of badass design, even when you’re only wearing a basic T-shirt and shorts.
Best Men's Sunglasses Brands

Best Men’s Sunglasses Brands

Like shoes and blue jeans, sunglasses really are among these fashion things that nearly everybody possesses. It is not tough to see why provided that a fantastic pair of sunglasses is compulsory for protecting your eyes from harsh UV rays. But besides this ever-important protective endeavor, sunglasses are also a certain way to express your own style.
When buying sunglasses, it is imperative not to go cheap. The security of your own eyes is well worth spending the additional cash on a fantastic set that provides proper protection against solar power and also won’t crack within a year. Another obvious consideration is fashion. Of course, you would like to choose something which looks great and matches your own aesthetic, but also a layout that works well with your particular face shape.
Whether you are a lover of those classic aviators, you adore mid-century Americana, or you are just looking for a rugged set of game sunglasses which are also acceptable for casual wear, then we have hand-picked the sixteen finest pairs of sunglasses which cover all of the style foundations and face styles.
All our selections are also constructed to high standards of quality materials so that you know you are getting something that’s made to survive and provides excellent UV protection.

1.Ray-Ban 2132 New Wayfarer

This black combination for a classic style that is easy to mix and match using pretty much whatever that you need to wear. You can dress them down for a casual look, or dress them up somewhat to get a wise style.

2. Tom Ford Ace

If you’d like something a bit different that stands out for all of the ideal reasons, check these stunning Ace pilot sunglasses from American designer Tom Ford. The classic aviator style revisited using a daring design and superior materials.
This specific set of Tom Ford Ace is made with impeccable attention to detail. They’re trendy yet classic and durable. They utilize a lightweight metallic composite that is comfy to wear all day long. It is also sunscreen and weather-resistant, which means that you won’t risk damaging their appearance. The lenses are fully tinted and provide 100 percent UV protection. You may even optimize them on the internet to utilize prescription glasses if you’d like.

3. Oakley Apparition Sunglasses

Oakley has been regarded as a groundbreaker in regards to exactly what its shades can withstand, which might appear to be true with all the Oakley Apparition Sunglasses – a set which may travel internationally global or cross-country effortlessly. In our minds, you May Not encounter a greater value when it comes to trendy sunglasses compared to Oakley Apparition

4.Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic

Do not begin your hunt for trendy summer sunglasses without acknowledging the classics – which is to say, start looking for a pair just like the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic. This tried-and-true first is as fitting for its menswear world today as it had been when it first introduced decades past; the Easy style provides all Sorts of flexibility, whether you wear it with a slim polo and chinos or a pocket and navy blue shorts

5. Warby Parker Durand Sunglasses

Beyond saving your pocket, the substances they use are adequate. To help attain these substantial savings, frames like the Durand are created from hand-polished cellulose acetate. This substance is equally powerful and fairly mild, which makes it not feel as it’s own overtaking your face once worn.
The lenses on the Warby Parker Durand will be the same seen in additional quality polarized sunglasses: polycarbonate. This artificial material is impact resistant.

6. Raen Optics Remmy Polarized Sunglasses

A classic and elegant design, the Raen Optics Remmy Polarized Sunglasses is a great pick for all those guys who need among the finest polarized sunglasses which are really distinctive and trendy. Not only is that the layout on those sunglasses topnotch, but also the caliber of craftsmanship is unparalleled.
Unlike numerous brands which mass produce their sunglasses from factories, each pair of Raen Optics sunglasses are all handmade. Crafted from one flat sheet of sustainably sourced by acetate (origin ), this sterile material has a different and one-of-a-kind appearance.
Determined by high-quality CR-39 lenses which were made by Carl Zeiss Vision, the world’s top producer of precision optics, the quality is unmatched. What’s more, the lenses have a medium 6 base curve. This simply suggests that the curve of the glass is not quite as competitive as an 8 base curve that’s found in wraparound shades.

7. Costa Del Mar Saltbreak Polarized Sunglasses

If it comes to finding the ideal pair of sunglasses for fishing, many experts concur that the best brand out there’s Costa Del Mar… However, what makes them great?
To put it simply, the Costa Del Mar Saltbreak Sunglasses were designed for fishing. Whether you’re miles away from the Florida shore saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing in Western New York, these sunglasses will your game up by enabling you to have the ability to see through the water to place fish.

8. Callaway Sungear Kite Golf Sunglasses

In regards to attempting to realize your golf club in the air or seeking to see a green, clear vision is what. All it requires is just one distracting glare to reduce your ball from the coarse or misread a green onto a pit and shed a friendly match with your friends. Unfortunately for many, your average everyday sunglasses simply won’t cut it after hitting on the golf program.
To do your best, you have to decide on lightweight sunglasses which provide great depth understanding on the sunniest days.
With specially made golf lenses created for its rich colors located on golf courses around the world, these lenses provide 100% protection from various damaging UV rays including UVA, UVB, and UVC.
Unlike so many other golf sunglasses that appear short, it is the small details that place the Callaway Kite sunglasses aside from the package. With flexible nose pads along with a Hydrophilic Megol temple, then these can remain comfortably in your face when swinging the bar or perspiration on the back nine to a hot summer day. The frame dimensions of the sunglasses are a little bigger. Callaway urges these golf sunglasses for a moderate to large head size.
If it comes to extras, Callaway contains some fantastic extras using these sunglasses such as a lens cloth, carry pouch, and a stiff case which could be easily clipped on your own golf bag.

9. Tomahawk SeaPorts

These SeaPort’s sunglasses from Tomahawk are trendy, cheap, and polarised to protect you in the sun’s warmth. The SeaPorts are fantastic for the man who frequently spends time around bodies of water.
A polarized lens is intended to protect your eyes from the glare of sunlight from water or other surfaces. If you end up close to the water frequently, it may be time to invest in a set of polarised sunglasses such as these. The lenses in the Tomahawk SeaPorts will also be manufactured from halcyon, meaning that they offer you a broad field of vision perfect for any water activity.
The polarised lenses aren’t the only cool quality of these sunglasses, however. Their handmade cellulose acetate and stainless steel frames have been shaped to assist you to look good whilst taking good care of your own eyes. The metallic material from the framework is lightweight, meaning that these frames will not weigh down your face.

10. Persol 2445S

Possessing photosensitive eyes means that you have very special requirements for the colors, and we believe Persol’s 2445S sunglasses are the best sunglasses option for photosensitivity (occasionally called mild sensitivity).
The lenses in those shades are customizable, so that you may select lenses that filter out the mild kinds which pester one of the most. The lenses may also be deciphered to interfere with the manifestation of the sun, and decrease the quantity of light that your eyes will need to fight.
The Persol 2445S sunglasses not just protect your light-sensitive eyes, but they’re also a fantastic style accessory. Their trendy frame shape can help to make a clean end to any fashionable outfit. Adjustable nose pads help create a personalized fit in your face for complete relaxation. You do not need to exchange in care of overly-sensitive eyes to be able to appear great. These sunglasses allow you to do both, so continue with no worry, photosensitive pals.

11. REKS Optics Unbreakable Sling Blade Sunglasses

Having an unbreakable framework, the Reks Optics Sling Blade sunglasses are the greatest strategic polarized sunglasses. Willing to get rid of sharp reflections as a result of powerful polarization, they help to clearly see things that may be coming on your face.

12. Porsche Design Aviator Sunglasses

What is maybe the ideal way to highlight your fast Porsche? Porsche-inspired and made accessories, naturally. Just take the bold, standout P8478 Aviator Sunglasses – they are created for the open street, with a huge frame form and the layout to handsomely play from their new driving-ready accessories. There is no better set of sunglasses to choose to hit on the street – you will wish you can have a Sunday spin daily with those Porsche Design colors… that is what we’d need, at least. –

13. Tom Ford Arnaud 53mm Polarized Sunglasses

If you really feel like spending a cent on some of the greatest men’s sunglasses – critically, possibly the finest men’s sunglasses on the market – then the outstanding Tom Ford Arnaud Sunglasses arise way to go. It appears that each class Tom Ford touches turns to gold, from principles to amazing footwear to unique suiting and these sunglasses.


Carhartt awakened with Sun Buddies to produce the Jean Sunglasses as Part of the eyewear Collection. These sunglasses have classic round lenses sitting at a rose gold metal frame with translucent yellow-colored temple tips. They’re handmade with stainless steel and Italian acetate and attribute G-15 Carl Zeiss lenses, providing you with 100 percent UV protection. The retro-style sunglasses have a three-bar hinge for excellent comfort.


Perfectly blending classic sport style and contemporary architectural layout, Vuarnet’s Edge 1907 sunglasses offer you a considerable quantity of coverage. Their sterile frames are produced from acetate stainless steel and contain Frey & Winkler nose pads for ultimate support. And their lenses provide 100 percent UV protection, 87% infra-red blocking, 88% absorption of visible light, and protect your eyes fofrom2% harmful blue light. Wear them onto the golf course, cruising the town, riding your bicycle, or anything else in between.

16. Oakley RadarLock Course

A long-time favorite among cyclists, Oakley’s RadarLock Course sunglasses provide lenses using its HDO technologies – meaning apparent, less-distorted eyesight and greater refraction than ordinary lenses, and they block UVA, UVB, and UVC rays and blue light around 400 nm. They are incredibly lightweight, made with nose and temple grips which hold that the more you sweat, and supply secure and speedy lens replacement if necessary, also.

What to look for when buying sunglasses online

Shopping online is convenient and easy. No busy malls to wade through. No long lines to check your patience.
However, shopping on the internet does have any of its challenges. With no ability to test on sunglasses or look at particulars in-person, it can be simple to feel unsure about your purchase. Do not worry. We’ve compiled our best tips for buying sunglasses online.

1. What size is the face?

Knowing how big your face may be a major help in picking out the best sunglasses. Sunglasses companies typically set the framework width with every pair. By measuring the space between your temples, you are able to ascertain a fantastic frame width to your face.
If your face is between 10cm and 12cm wide, go to get a frame thickness of around 50mm. To get a face that steps between 12cm and 14cm wide, select a frame width that’s involving 51mm and 55mm. If your measurement is any higher than 14cm wide, select frames that have a diameter of 56mm or over.

2. Adjustable features

Premium quality sunglasses frequently have features that are flexible or can be made custom for you. Make the most of these features, particularly when purchasing online.
Alternatives like flexible nose limbs or bridges which match to your face absolutely are excellent ways to be certain your frames will suit you nicely. These features can allow you to correct your colors well as soon as you receive them.
Another choice when purchasing online would be to go see a professional repairing service as soon as you buy them. Many optical providers will adapt any eyeglasses or sunglasses on your face at no cost or for a small charge. You might even have the ability to go to a shop of this business that you bought your sunglasses out of to have them corrected.

3. What is the contour of your face?

Finding the proper pair of sunglasses to you depends upon your face form. For every form, there are particular pairs which will seem better and particular pairs which will seem worse. By understanding your face shape and what works well for you, you can refrain from ordering the incorrect fashion on the web.
Round face
Go with a contour such as aviators or something square. Avoid circles since this can draw out the roundness on your face.
Oval face
In case you have an oval face, you’re among those lucky ones. Most framework contours will look good on you. The one thing that you ought to stay away from is sunglasses which are larger than your head.
Square face
In case you’ve got a square foot, consider soft lines and round shapes. These kinds of frames will counter the tough lines from your face contour.
Oblong face
Comparable to square face contours, oblong faces seem great with lines that are soft and round shapes. The only point to keep away from is smaller frames.
Heart-shaped confront
If your face is heart-shaped, you are going to wish to pick sunglasses with sharp lines and corners. Steer clear of whatever teardrop-shaped or oversize.
Diamond-shaped confront
Most framework shapes will operate with this particular face shape. The only thing to prevent having a diamond-shaped face airframe at do not fit inside the proportions of the face.
Triangular face
Your sunglasses should reflect the proportions of your face contour. That usually means picking sunglasses frames which are bigger in addition to they’re on the floor. Something teardrop-shaped will do the job nicely.

Finding sunglasses with the Appropriate features

When buying sunglasses, there are a couple of distinct kinds of features to understand. Knowing what you need in every kind of feature can allow you to limit your choice. The key issue to consider is locating the features that work best on your face and the way you live.
  • Fit
Finding the proper fit means locating sunglasses that match your face shape and decorative features. You do not want frames that go outside of your temples, but you also don’t need them too little on your face. Quantify facial breadth and use it to help you discover the appropriate size sunglasses to suit you.
  • Shape
There are many distinct shapes of shades. It is possible to discover aviators, square colors, circular sunglasses, and everything in between. The real key to finding the proper contour frame for the face is understanding your face contour. As we mentioned previously, there are particular frame shapes that look great on every facial form.
  • Substance
The substance of your sunglasses leaves a considerable effect on their own durability. Most shades are made from metal or plastic, but not all of plastics and alloys are made equal.
  • Tint
It is possible to find lenses that are tinted all kinds of colors. The color of the hue affects the way the light is filtered through the lens. Amber lenses help filter blue light. Gradient lenses obstruct the light from above but do not alter your perspective straight ahead. Red or pink lenses might seem co cool, but they can change colors and ensure it is hard to see traffic signs. Work out how you may frequently use your shades and choose which lens shade will function best from that point.

How can you protect your eyes from UV rays?

Cataracts, corneal sunburn, and a variety of other eye problems can be brought on by prolonged exposure to UV rays. Nobody wants that.
However, protecting your eyes from the UV rays of sunlight can feel like an overwhelming task. What’s the key to maintaining your eyes protected from UVs? Pick lenses that have 100 percent UV protection. These kinds of lenses are also occasionally referred to as UV400 lenses. All these are hands-down the very best method to protect your eyes.
Now, some of you may be asking yourself about the other kinds of lenses that maintain the best eye protection. Let us clear up a few myths.
Polarised lenses don’t protect your eyes from UV rays. They do reduce the warmth of sunlight from reflective surfaces, and this is sometimes useful. Nonetheless, these aren’t the answer if you’re attempting to prevent eye damage brought on by UV rays.
Getting darker lenses doesn’t mean that you are much better protected from UV rays. The only way these lenses allow you to is making it much easier to view in bright lighting. Proceed with UV protected lenses to your best protection.

Number 4 Must-Have Accessories For The New Polarized Sunglasses

1. Case
Most shades, even the inexpensive ones, include cases. But lots of manufacturer instances are just a token of admiration – they are not necessarily cases you really wish to keep your sunglasses in. A powerful case provides better protection, especially in the event that you do a whole lot of traveling. A fantastic case can also help you avoid scratches and fractures in daily usage.
2. Microfiber Cloth & Eyeglass Spray
Eyeglass spray along with a microfiber cleaning cloth is vital for keeping the cleanliness and visibility of your own sunglasses. Microfiber fabrics are significant – use something else, and you might wind up scratching or damaging your lens outside repair. Steer clear of the water to wash your lenses if at all possible, since water includes mineral residue that could hamper vulnerability.
3. Strap / Retainer
A strap surely does not work for fashion, but it is helpful during actions where your sunglasses may fall off.
Straps normally have a little loop on each side to attach to the arms of the sunglasses and also keep them protected while you are playing sports or performing another sort of action. They can help keep them from becoming lost, particularly if you’re in a theme park, fishing, running, or doing a thing where there is a possibility of them falling away.
4. Sunscreen
Sunscreen is probably the largest overlook on many men’s grooming regimens. It is very important, yet frequently gets overlooked. If you are wearing sunglasses, you are probably wearing them outside, so you will want to be sure that you have sunscreen on also.
Wearing sunscreen prevents embarrassing tan lines around your eyes following sporting sunglasses, and a minimum of 15 SPF is needed regardless of the period, even if it’s cloudy outside.

FAQ’s Best Sunglasses For Men

What is the distinction between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses?

There’s a significant gap between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses have a particular filter from the glass (cheap brands use the jacket into the lens) that blocks the flat light but allows the perpendicular light to move through. It is through this filtering system that LCD displays like the ones located in GPS units, digital cameras, as well as elderly telephone displays are not able to be seen if searching through polarized sunglasses.
Traditional sunglasses do not have this flat blocking filter, and rather just rely upon a single coating of tint.

Are polarized sunglasses bad for your eyes?

They aren’t. In reality, polarized sunglasses could be excellent for your eyes by blocking out the sun’s warmth and assisting you to see better.

Are polarized lenses worthwhile?

Polarized lenses are worth the cost. The decrease in glare reduces eye fatigue and provides greater protection to the eyes.

Are polarized sunglasses perfect for driving automobiles?

Polarized sunglasses are recommended for driving. Polarized sunglasses reduce glare and permit you to find the road better. They are especially beneficial when you reside in a bright and sunny climate.
Above, you will get a thorough collection of the top best sunglasses for men – when it comes down to a choice, your planned use for the sunglasses will decide which option works best for you personally.
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